Polygon Geofencing


Enables the "Polygon Geofencing" add-on for the Background Geolocation plugin.  Allows you to define geofences as polygons of any shape instead of the native default of circular geofences with only a centre and radius.

The Polygon Geofencing add-on uses C++ libraries to calculate the "minimum enclosing circle" around the polygon in order to create a native iOS/Android geofence surrounding your polygon.  When the native geofence fires, that's the plugin's cue to begin active location-monitoring to perform collision-detection with the polygon using a super fast C++ library.  When the devices exits the containing circular geofence, polygon location-monitoring is turned off.

Transistor Software has over 9 years experience developing code to monitor location and geofences in the background — There's no better way to perform polygon geofencing for iOS and Android devices.