iOS 14 / Android 11 Support Posted on 31 Aug 20:59 , 0 comments

The Background Geolocation SDK for React Native v3.9.0Cordova v3.9.0 and Flutter v1.10.0 now includes support for iOS 14 and Android 11.

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CoronaTrace: Contact-tracing App Posted on 28 Mar 13:12 , 0 comments

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iOS 13 and Android Q support. Posted on 31 Aug 11:39 , 0 comments

Android Q and iOS 13 support is available now for the Background Geolocation SDK.

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Background Geolocation v3 Posted on 16 May 12:36 , 0 comments

Version 3 of the Background Geolocation SDK for CordovaReact Native (v1 for Flutter version) is a significant refactor of the SDK’s Android Service architecture.

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[New Feature] Typescript API Posted on 19 Oct 16:51 , 0 comments

The Background Geolocation SDK for both Cordova and React Native now provides its own comprehensive Typescript API.

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[New Feature] Firebase Adapter Posted on 19 Oct 10:18 , 0 comments

The Background Geolocation SDK for Cordova and React Native now supports syncing with Firebase (currently only Firestore).

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Flutter Background Geolocation Posted on 2 Oct 14:25 , 0 comments

The Background Geolocation SDK is now available for Flutter!

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[New Feature] Background Geolocation "Headless Mode" for Android Posted on 4 Feb 16:25 , 0 comments

On Android, when you terminate your app with the BackgroundGeolocation plugin configured with stopOnTerminate: false, your Javascript code is completely terminated -- only the plugin's native Android background service continues running.  If you've configured the plugin with an #url, its Android background Service will continue posting locations to your server.

But what if you need to implement some custom business logic in the "headless" state, such as posting a local notification or executing #getCurrentPosition in a heartbeat event?

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Background Geolocation Console Posted on 19 Dec 10:01 , 0 comments

A great way to field-test the background-geolocation plugin is to use our test-server which we provide open-source at Github background-geolocation-console.  It's a simple node-server and web-application for quickly viewing your device tracking.  It's very easy to setup and configure the background-geolocation plugin to post to it.

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Android Oreo (version 8) Posted on 19 Dec 09:03 , 0 comments

Yes, in spite of Android Oreo's strict new Background Execution Limits, the Background Geolocation plugin fully supports Android 8.  The caveat however, is that the foregroundService: true option is now enforced.