Huawei HMS Support for the Background Geolocation SDK Posted on 2 Apr 13:01 , 0 comments

In 2019, Google suspended support for its Google Play Services API from Huawei Inc. Since the Background Geolocation SDK relies upon Google Play Services APIs, this action prevented the SDK from operating on newer Huawei Devices.

Today, with new tooling finally available from Huawei, Transistor Software’s Background Geolocation SDK now includes support for Huawei HMS on those devices which do not include Google Play Services.

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New Google Play Console Guidelines for "Sensitive app permissions" Posted on 29 Oct 11:31 , 0 comments

Google Play Console has introduced new guidelines for “Sensitive app permission”, such as android.permission.BACKGROUND_LOCATION, which the Background Geolocation SDK automatically adds to your app’s AndroidManifest. While submitting your app recently, you may find your app being rejected by Google Play Console.

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iOS 14 / Android 11 Support Posted on 31 Aug 20:59 , 0 comments

The Background Geolocation SDK for React Native v3.9.0Cordova v3.9.0 and Flutter v1.10.0 now includes support for iOS 14 and Android 11.

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CoronaTrace: Contact-tracing App Posted on 28 Mar 13:12 , 0 comments

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iOS 13 and Android Q support. Posted on 31 Aug 11:39 , 0 comments

Android Q and iOS 13 support is available now for the Background Geolocation SDK.

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Background Geolocation v3 Posted on 16 May 12:36 , 0 comments

Version 3 of the Background Geolocation SDK for CordovaReact Native (v1 for Flutter version) is a significant refactor of the SDK’s Android Service architecture.

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[New Feature] Typescript API Posted on 19 Oct 16:51 , 0 comments

The Background Geolocation SDK for both Cordova and React Native now provides its own comprehensive Typescript API.

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[New Feature] Firebase Adapter Posted on 19 Oct 10:18 , 0 comments

The Background Geolocation SDK for Cordova and React Native now supports syncing with Firebase (currently only Firestore).

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Flutter Background Geolocation Posted on 2 Oct 14:25 , 0 comments

The Background Geolocation SDK is now available for Flutter!

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[New Feature] Background Geolocation "Headless Mode" for Android Posted on 4 Feb 16:25 , 0 comments

On Android, when you terminate your app with the BackgroundGeolocation plugin configured with stopOnTerminate: false, your Javascript code is completely terminated -- only the plugin's native Android background service continues running.  If you've configured the plugin with an #url, its Android background Service will continue posting locations to your server.

But what if you need to implement some custom business logic in the "headless" state, such as posting a local notification or executing #getCurrentPosition in a heartbeat event?

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