When To Go Native Over Javascript Posted on 12 Jun 21:54 , 0 comments

Here's a nice little presentation by Harry Tormey at React Chicago which clearly lays out the complexities involved with tracking a device's location in the background and why this needs to be done directly with Native APIs.

This is exactly what the Background Geolocation plugin does for you.

(Watch for his recommendation to use Transistor Software's react-native-background-geolocation plugin at 19:42, thanks Harry ;)

New Geofence Feature Posted on 20 May 00:51 , 0 comments

Today I implemented the ability to add arbitrary Geofences with iOS.  I'll implement Android next. 

 In debug-mode, the sound "Fan Fare" will play when you enter a geofence.  "Fan Fare" sounds like this:

The Javascript API looks like this: 

In my sample app, I add a geofence like this: