Huawei HMS Support for the Background Geolocation SDK Posted on 2 Apr 13:01 , 0 comments

In 2019, Google suspended support for its Google Play Services API from Huawei Inc. Since the Background Geolocation SDK relies upon Google Play Services APIs, this action prevented the SDK from operating on newer Huawei Devices.

Today, with new tooling finally available from Huawei, Transistor Software’s Background Geolocation SDK now includes support for Huawei HMS on those devices which do not include Google Play Services.

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When To Go Native Over Javascript Posted on 12 Jun 21:54 , 0 comments

Here's a nice little presentation by Harry Tormey at React Chicago which clearly lays out the complexities involved with tracking a device's location in the background and why this needs to be done directly with Native APIs.

This is exactly what the Background Geolocation plugin does for you.

(Watch for his recommendation to use Transistor Software's react-native-background-geolocation plugin at 19:42, thanks Harry ;)