Infinite Geofencing Posted on 4 Jan 15:27 , 0 comments

BackgroundGeolocation now supports infinite geofencing.  Why is this important?  Because the native platforms limit the number of geofences which can be simultaneously monitored.  For iOS the limit is 20 while Android allows 100.

Previously, you had to manually manage which geofences to monitor based upon the current location, perhaps asking the server periodically which geofences were within range.

Now you can load any number of geofences into the plugin (tested with tens-of-thousands).  The plugin will periodically perform a geospatial query upon the geofences in the database, activating those closest within a configurable geofenceProximityRadius.

Following is an animation of this feature performed in the iOS simulator, where a series of geofences have been loaded along the entire City Drive route.

With Infinite Geofencing, BackgroundGeolocation is the most advanced geofencing plugin available, more advanced than any dedicated geofencing plugin.